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Linen pinboard

March 13, 2012

After a winter of internet issues and busy family life, I am back! I didn’t want to totally give up on this blog, so I will jump in again.

We redid our bedroom this winter. I have been wanting a pinboard above my desk, but haven’t wanted to pay for a brand new one. This morning I realized I had all I needed in the basement. I present my $5 linen pinboard.

I started with a $5 yard sale frame. The frame originally held a group of photos of a darling little boy from the ’20’s. He is someone’s distant relative. I removed the backing, glass and photo.

Linen pinboard step 1

I covered the thick cardboard backing with some linen I had on hand.

Linen pinboard step 2

Linen pinboard step 2

In 30 minutes, I had a pinboard hanging on the wall, waiting for me to fill it with inspiration.

Linen pinboard step 3

I have already found a tutorial for fabric covered thumbtacks. I am inspired!

Have a blessed spring day!



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