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Getting ready for skiing

October 11, 2010

As usual, things are busy at Happy Hens Farm. We are fully into school schedules and activities. I have been getting the gardens and yard cleaned up and ready for winter. Speaking of winter, my husband had the chance several weeks ago to clear brush on Mt. Spokane. His payment? A season pass!


Early fall on Mt. Spokane


They used loppers to clear alder on the slopes that were too steep for machinery. Guess what else grows on Mt. Spokane? Huckleberries!


Late season huckleberries


My youngest daughter has a stuffed friend named Pup-pup. Pup-pup goes on an adventure every so often. His latest adventure was to Mt. Spokane.


Pup-pup clearing brush


Of course this is what we are all waiting for.


Waiting patiently for snow!


The final day of brush cutting was very rainy and foggy. My hard working hubby came home soaking wet, pass in hand!


Fog on the mountain


Do I sense some days off from work and school this winter?


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