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Friday favorite-Wylie and the Wild West

April 9, 2010

I think it is important to support local artists, whenever we can. I would like to share a Washington musician who has had a profound impact on my life, and my contentment living in a small house. You probably heard him as the yodeling cowboy on the Yahoo ads a while ago. I first discovered Wylie and the Wild West at our local library about 5 years ago. Wylie Gustafson is an authentic cowboy from Montana, who also has connections to Washington state. He divides his time between cowboying and music. I love his music because he sings about things that are all around me. The first album I bought was Riding the High Line.

Riding the High Line

I remember it was fall, and the music just made me so happy to live in West. Wylie celebrates real people and real life in the West. He is truly a poet capturing the essence of what he loves.I want to be an authentic, unpretentious real woman that Wylie could sing about.

Glory Trail

Wylie also loves the Lord. The next CD I bought was Glory Trail, Wylie’s gospel album. It features “Cowboy and Gospel songs”, with favorites such as “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, and “Power in the Blood”. It also features some original songs such as “Branded”. The lyrics give you a peek at the heart of this great musician.

“Brother, get branded. Step through the gate. Get yer hide sanctified, it’s not too late. Brother, get branded. Step through the gate.”

I love it!

Hooves of the Horses

One album that carried me through training for a half marathon last fall was Hooves of the Horses. The song “Out  Here” brought me to tears several times as I was running early in the morning.

“I crack out my saddle (running shoes) at daylight, throw a leg over and ride

The voice of the morning whispers and soothes me deep inside

And hope is born in another day…

Out here.

The rhythm of the trail gently rocks me like a baby in a mother’s arms

A cool breeze kisses and caresses and nothing can do me any harm

I’m as free as the hawk circlin’ above…

Out here

The hills are washed in a deep deep blue as they bask in the twilight’s glow

The day is done and all is calm, my pony hangs his head low

My troubles are all behind me…

Out here.


I know I am truly free because of the saving power of Jesus Christ. I am free to enjoy God’s creation and all the joy it brings. Praise God for the power of music!

I would encourage you to check out what Wylie and the Wild West has to offer at his website

He is truly a treasure of the West. I leave you with a quote from the newest album I have, Bucking Horse Moon

Bucking Horse Moon

“A man’s about as happy as he wants to be. So put a smile in your heart and a yodel in your soul, and let the good times roll!”

Look it over and you will see why Wylie and the Wild West is a favorite of mine! I just have to sing his praises to all I know.


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  1. Kep Schneider permalink
    April 13, 2010 11:57 pm


    There is nothing like heading out on a family vacation listening to Wylie except maybe heading to church listening to Wylie.


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